Go with your instinct.

How do you feel about this?

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Nora's unflappable, even under great pressure.


Strictly speaking, it was not a vertical line.


His girlfriend did it for him.


You're dreaming again.

A button has come off the coat.

Jamie can't understand why Aaron got so angry.

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That's right, isn't it?

She went with him to the movies.

They submitted to their leader's order.


Now we're talking.


You're a wanker.


I'd like to thank you all for coming today.

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John didn't know how to play the guitar.

I'll come down to the village and pick you up.

Who's going to replace Evelyn?

Is this the place in which your mother works?

Clare can't walk any more.

An exhibitionist would be the ideal partner for a voyeur.

Prior to the meeting, they had dinner.


Theodore won't stop drinking.


I bear him no malice.


Patterns of freeze-up and breakup influence the distribution and number of seals, the polar bear's main prey.

Thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest are being lost every day.

Anyway, you're wrong.

He never forgets to write to his mother every week.

You deal with it.

She inspired me with confidence.

I appreciate that you have not had time to write.

Sorry you had to wait.

We don't know how to find him.

Spass will come by.

How can you say such a thing?

Barbara opens the gate every morning at 8:00.

People carried their own weight then.

It didn't really hurt.

She made herself up.

I did not know where to go.

I actually haven't been to Boston yet.

Professor Morita presided at a meeting of the Chemical Society.

We have to abide by the rules.

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Ariel made his position clear.

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We respect him.

I spent this morning on the phone with Dalton.

How's Saturday night?

My brain is overheating.

Kuldip led the small opposition caucus in parliament.

We're committed.

Merat knew he'd just made a serious mistake.

Many in the theater recognized him.

I want to leave this difficult job to her.


The situation called for quick, decisive action.

I'm totally drunk.

Let's kill the filthy usurper!

Sheila was just getting bored.

We're both named Plastic.

She fell down the stairs.

Laura works methodically.

If you think it's a good idea, you should participate. Conversely, if you think it's a bad idea, you should let him know.

I had him write it.

"May I use your telephone?" "By all means."

All I want is what's mine.


You're supposed to be helping me right now.

Lou is very ambitious, isn't he?

Why would they do this to me?

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I can't stand dirty old men in the subway.

All roads lead to Elsinore.

She said with deepest tenderness, "Are you all right"?

Pressure is the quotient of force and area.

And we had spent hours talking together.

I thought you'd gone with Kristi.

Takayuki loves kung fu.


Jurevis looked like a motorcycle gang member.

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Cory said he had somewhere to go.

Rubies are one of most beautiful gems in the world.

Oskar is beginning to cry.

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It is high time you were in bed.

Eddie just admitted he made a mistake.

Maybe we should do this together.


Do you have any idea who could be behind this?

Let's not waste time.

The sound of the violin is very sweet.

He is not equal to her in intelligence.

I thought Alastair confessed.


I've heard a lot about you.


What a total mess!

Galen can't find anyone to help him.

I've a lot of sleep to catch up on this week.

Vishal seems like a very nice guy.

I am no match for him in diplomatic shrewdness.

The space telescope will help us know the universe much better than before.

There must be some solution to the problem.

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Kusum heard the sound of breaking glass.

I know you still love Rolf.

He accepted our offer.

He has strange ideas.

The town was established in the 18th century.

I am not in the least happy.

There can be no enduring peace in the Middle East as long as Washington's neocons continue to run US foreign policy.

Oh my God, Honzo, are you okay?

Tovah has a cute girlfriend.

He thought that I'm very tired.

I want to make my father proud.

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This passage contains a lot of meaning.

They are going to exhibit many famous old paintings at the gallery.

Lorraine's strong character enabled him to avoid the common pitfalls of success and fame.


The baseball game was called off on account of the rain.

They left last night.

Kamel was making fun of Christina.

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I want to hear about your trip!

Some of the students decorated the classroom with Christmas ornaments.

We aren't sleeping.

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The troops soon put down the rebellion.

I've found my man!

The rebels tried in vain to sink the submarine.

The thing that scares me the most is that I might lose you.

I used to have one, but it was stolen.

I'll put you out of your misery.

Lori looked alarmed.


The abbot gave rice to the vixen.

Patience is a virtue... Just another thing that you apparently lack.

Dalton tried to be reassuring.

Rich bought them each a camera.

I really do wish you could come with us.

Let's not forget to do that.

How many home runs has Margie hit?

He felt that he was being used.

Stephe gave his dog a good scratch behind the ears.


Dieter knows Janos.

What a fearful waste of money!

Are you done with the paper?

I'm going to need some money.

The prince and the jester had a lot in common.

I prefer to stay indoors.

This place is disgusting.

You make me want to be a better person.

Soon after, Lyndon met a young woman named Robin. They married and decided to start a family.

He knows it.

No need to be able to fly to catch a bird.

I don't see you doing that.

I'd like to get to know Ranjit better.

I hadn't seen them in years.

Let me admire you.

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He is altogether a giant.

I was overtaken by that car.

I know how frustrating this is for you.

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We've got a problem back here.

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He had the jump on me.

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I just hope Leslie takes me with him.

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I'll show you how this game is played.

Randolph was fat the last time I saw him.

I hope you come to my party.

The translation of Tokyo is "the Eastern capital".

The teacher praised the boy for his honesty.

Getting down this mountain will take about three hours.

Mr. Cameron forgot his daughter at the pub.

Skating on the pond is dangerous.

Shouldn't we make our fields - our entire life - an immense work of art in four dimensions?


He set us by the ears.

I think we have to go.

I count on your help.

Mozi proclaims: to have music is wrong.

What part of the country did they settle in?